Quienes somos
Somos distribuidores mayoristas de teléfonos celulares y productos de consumo electrónico.
Tenemos 20 años de experiencia en el rubro creando oportunidades de rendimiento tanto para nuestros clientes como para nuestros proveedores.
Estamos establecidos en Miami - Florida USA, distribuimos al mercado Latino Americano brindando una oferta de productos de alta demanda a precios competitivos.

About Viper Trade

Viper Trade Group is a strictly wholesale company involved in the distribution of cellular phones and consumer electronics.

With almost 20 years of experience in the industry, we leverage our knowledge and connections to create win-win situations for our vendors and customers alike.

Established in Miami Florida, we cater primarily to the Latin American market by securing and offering high volume deals on high demand products at a discount.

We can also be your strategic partner for procuring the specific merchandise you need at very competitive prices and with extremely fast delivery times.
Check out the Products section to learn more about the specific product categories we are involved with or email your questions to sales@vipertrade.com